Philip Chiyangwa Zimbabwe: Hard Work or Corruption?

Philip Chiyangwa (born 1959) the founder of the Affirmative Action Group, a chair of Native Africa Investments Ltd and has served as an MP for the ZANU-PF party in Zimbabwe.He is a cousin of President Robert Mugabe.Philip Chiyangwa grew-up in Chegutu town, some 100km south of Harare. He went to St. Francis school. His mother was from the Guta raJehovah sect. His young brothers James (Jimalo), Josphat and Mophat went to Pfupajena school.

He worked for Chakari Mine before he was called up as a member of the BSAP African Reserve.Chiyangwa was the party chairman of Mashonaland West, one of the party's most powerful constituencies after Mashonaland Central.

Chiyangwa is the proprietor of Native Africa Investments Ltd. based in Harare. His company has been involved in a few high profile takeovers, the most famous being G&D Shoes which he tried, without success to save from liquidation. He was also responsible for the 1998 visit to Zimbabwe by singer Michael Jackson and after announcing to National media that he would be working with the singer on various business projects.

As a member of the BSAP African Reserve and served for several months in the lead-up, during and post the March, 1980 election. In the November, 2000, publication 'The History of the British South Africa Police', Chiyangwa was featured in a photograph taken at the time of the election lying prone with a police-issued FN, chatting to a senior, white BSAP officer. A copy was leaked to Zimabwe's independent press bringing a vehement denial by Chiyangwa who offered a substantial reward for information as to (the photo's) source. The photo was, in fact, taken from the BSAP's magazine 'Outpost' archives in the early 80s, to be used at a later date for the-then unplanned history.

Chiyangwa's fortunes seemed little affected by the revelation and he later became front page news with his construction of a multi-bedroomed, massive mansion and fleet of imported luxury cars, all in the juxtaposition of incredible poverty among Zimbabweans in general.

"I own some of the world's most expensive cars. A Mercedes-Benz S600 (US$120 000), a Bentley which is worth US$150 000, a 10-seater private jet, more than 20 plush houses in the country, hotels and several other small businesses in and outside Zimbabwe."

"I own Pinnacle Investments, a multi-billion-dollar construction company that is generating trillions of dollars in local currency. Just look at the Chisora Village in The Grange, the five-star Pentagon II Hotel in Borrowdale and the Zimbabwe Engineering Company (ZECO), which manufactures railway rolling stock, locomotives, structural steel works as well as diesel plants and machinery. These businesses are generating millions for me."

Chiyangwa boasts several personal valuable assets and estimates his wealth at around US$30 million.

Chiyangwa is married and has children.

Chiyangwa's fortune is estimated at about USD30 Million.

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